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St John the Baptist, Great Gaddesden

The Church is located in the village of Great Gaddesden.  The Church itself contains a number of memorials with military connections which will be added in due course.  The main memorial is one to the two world wars, a cross in the grounds of the Church.


First World War

A memorial plaque inside the Church pays tribute to John Lockhart Wood who died in 1915.  He is also listed on the Cross, pictured below, along with seventeen others.

Panels from the Cross


Second World War

The Churchyard contains one Second World War grave:

Frank Robinson

The Church contains an unusual 'On Active service' listing for the Parish.

It also contains a Parish memorial scroll for those who were killed.

These names are further recorded on the panels of the Cross outside the Church, as pictured below.



Other Memorials

There is one memorial to John Harold Proctor who was killed in Malaya in 1950.  A number of other memorials are listed as being 'war memorials' on the National Inventory of War Memorials as listed below.


Brigadier Frederick Cromie de Butts


Frederick Halsey


Thomas Frederick Halsey

Christian Frederick Charles Alexander James Johnston

Walter Johnston Halsey


A further memorial references service in the army.

Guy Marsden Halsey

(Photos: Richard Grayson, 25th April 2014.)

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